Patrick Klein Meuleman Photography

Photographer & Digital Artist

Second Skin

“In a world that is becoming smarter every day, it is time that our wardrobe starts to adapt to our needs. Within this interdisciplinary research project, we explored garments that adapt to our practical and social needs. Garments that adapt to how much we want to stand out or be less noticeable. We namely believe that adaptive caring garments will shape our future healthy and sustainable wardrobe.”

Together with nine other designers, Malou won the European Re-FREAM Grant of 2021 and thus was selected as one of the Re-FREAM designers for this year. The grant enabled her to work on the research project Seconds Skins for a period of nine months. In this period, she teamed up in Berlin with a community of scientists and technologists of Re-FREAM. Together they investigated concepts that can change the fashion industry in sustainable and innovative ways.

Re-Fream Berlin

Concept and Art Director
Malou Beemer

Photography, image editing & 3D rendering
Patrick Klein Meuleman

Esther de Graaff

Danielle Kroon